The Future

Everything we do at LabelHub, is driven by the belief, that we can help Digital Label Manufacturers. Don’t just take our word for it, scroll down and read a few success stories and quotes from our customers.

“At Interket, LabelHub was a key component of our “Total Cost Mind-set”. We saw cost savings on both the administrative and customer side, our customers were thrilled with how easy it was to upload and manage their artwork, and our printers saved loads of time thanks to the preflight, and automatic step and repeat features. Quite simply, LabelHub eliminated a host of slow and inefficient processes, simplifying and speeding up the entire label management process.”

Kim Hansen
Partner at Human 360 & former Managing Director at Interket

“When we first invested in digital equipment, I was focused on two things; 1. I didn’t want to hire a graphic designer, and 2. I wanted a fully automatic process from artwork to print. LabelHub has ensured both. Our customers send proofed artwork, we upload it to the system, and are ready to print in just 5 minutes. That saves valuable time and resources for both us and the customers. LabelHub has eliminated human errors in prepress, with automatic preflight and step & repeat functions, which allows us to focus on providing quick and efficient service.”

Lars Ole Nauta
CEO of FlexoPrint & Optimum Group Nordic

“We’ve had LabelHub since 2020, and use it to its full capacity – our customers have direct access, it’s fully integrated with our ERP system, and we run all our jobs through there. We’re incredibly pleased with all the features, and as a digital print house, it just makes perfect sense to use LabelHub!”

Thomas Nielsen